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Dayton - Columbus

Upon the retirement of Jeffrey R. Dundon from the general practice of law, the firm of Dundon & Huddleston was dissolved.  Most of Mr. Dundon's files were transferred to Mr. Dundon's former partner, C. Lawrence Huddleston, at Huddleston Law Group, LPA.  Mr. Huddleston is a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law.

The Dayton office of Huddleston Law Group is located at 7925 Paragon Road, Centerville, at State Route 725, East of the Dayton Mall.

To schedule an appointment with Huddleston Law Group or retrieve your Dundon & Huddleston file, please call 888.488.7878, (toll-free nationwide) or communicate via the Huddleston Law Group website.

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